Artist: Akihiko Yoshida

yo we need to talk about how much i love akihiko’s black mages


*competitive melee player voice* got some brawl goin on? not melee but I’ll go a round aha. you only have wii remotes? guy’s c’mon you’re killin me here. pass me the classic controller *bad impression of the announcer* CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!! aha. do you guys play stock? I’m setting it to stock. *picks fox* boom. bam. fffffox comin’ atcha. who you goin with? dedede? really? you’re going with dedede? aha hey no do whatever you want. I’ll let you pick the stage *picks temple*

"How many?"


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"skyrim on PC is a completely different experience than consoles. the immsersive mods  will change skyrim from not just a game but to an incredible experience that everyone needs to see for themsel-"


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person: so where did you learn html?
me: not.... neopets...


Background art from the Studio Ghibli film When Marnie was There (思い出のマーニー). Yohei Taneda (種田陽平) is the art director for this summer’s animated feature.

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